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Our Lady of Perpetual Help
Byzantine Catholic Church

From the Pastor's Pen

Very Reverend
Edward G. Cimbala, D.Min
- Pastor -

Glory to Jesus Christ!

My Dear OLPH Parish Family,

As you know my time with you is coming to an end.   Reflecting upon the last two short years, I am amazed at all the ways in which God has brought us together to share in many of life’s events.  With many of you I have shared great joys and celebrations.  With many I have shared great times of sorrow and grief.  It has been an honor to be a part of these events along with other moments that we have shared in the Gospel, shared in the love of God and be the very Body of Christ together – the Church – the parish Family of OLPH.
I cannot say “thank you” enough for all that you have shared, given to me and what we have done together in spreading the Gospel.  Thank you for your love, your prayers, your encouragement, and above all, your willingness to go where God was calling us while I served as your Pastor.  Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this time with you. Thank you for trusting me to guide you in this journey of faith.

Yet as I depart, I know that I am leaving you in good hands. I see the great potential that you have for your future that we have worked towards in the past two years.  Within these years, we have done so much and prepared the path for the future.  Looking to the future, I see many blessings and joys that will continue to take place here at OLPH.

I encourage you to live your faith with such enthusiasm that it will be caught by the surrounding community and more and more people will be drawn to this beautiful parish with its beautiful people and come to know our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and our wonderful Byzantine Catholic Tradition.

As I follow Bishop Kurt’s call to become the pastor of St. Mary Church and administrator of Holy Cross in Manhattan  I leave knowing that Fr. Vasil will care for you well and will shepherd this beloved parish. I know that you will give him and his family the same wonderful welcome you gave me two short years ago. I know that you will be a blessing to him and his family as they begin their new lives in the United States.

I will always pray for you as you continue to be the people that God is calling you to be. I ask that you keep me in your prayers.

May God Grant You Many Years and may God’s rich blessings be upon you all,

Fr. Ed


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