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Mor e from Fr Ed's Last Sunday, June 10, 2018 and the Picnic June 24, 2018
Father Ed's Last Liturgy 2018 Easter 2018
Fashengi 2018 St Nicholas 2017 Thomas Micheal Malone Baptism Picnic 2017
Mother's Day Tea 2017 Easter 2017 / April 2017 Socials Fashengy 2017 / Autumn 2016 St Nicholas 2016
- Kakuk Baptism Pictures
or- Kakuk Baptism Video
Fr Myron 60th Stroh Baptism First Communion 2016
Easter2016 Augustina Rutter Baptism
Video of the Children's Christmas Pageant
Christmas 2015
Sutton Baptism Zadnik Twin's Baptism Fr Myron's Birthday 2015 Easter Sunday
Easter Saturday Night Easter Family Photos Good Friday Rayner's Pysanky
Abigail Swider's Baptism Children's Nativity
& St. Nicholas Video
Children's Nativity
& St. Nicholas Pictures
Julia Anne Jelus Baptism
Brendan Doyle's 1st Communion Video Brendan Doyle's 1st Communion Pictures Jeweled Cross Presentation 60th Anniversary
Church & Luncheon
First Communion 2014 Easter 2014 Families 2014 Wall Icons
60th Anniversary Slide Show
Getting Started Building the Church The Growing Years First Communions & Holidays
Christmas & Halloween Fr. Myron's 80th Birthday Party Families & Special People Through the Years with
Fr. Myron