OLPH Church
Our Lady of Perpetual Help
Catholic Church of the Byzantine Rite

Slava Isusu Christu!   Slava Na Viki!   -   Glory to Jesus Christ!   Glory Forever!

Welcome Guests and Friends

Rev. Fr. Yuriy Oros, Administrator
Rev. Vasyl Sokolovych, Parochial Vicar
Reverend Myron Badnerosky -Pastor Emeritus

1773 Woodbourne Road, Levittown, PA 19057
Mail Address - BOX 777, Levittown, PA 19058-0777
Residence – 2 Coral Rock Road, Levittown, PA 19057* (Residence) 215-968-8707*email: frvasylolph@gmail.com

Services for January/February

  • Jan 31 - 7:00pm Divine Liturgy Feast of the Three Holy Hierarchs
  • Feb 1 - 5:30pm –Vigil Liturgy Feast of the Encounter and Sunday of the Publican and the Pharisee
  • Feb 2 - 9:00am – Divine Liturgy east of the Encounter and Sunday of the Publican and the Pharisee
  • Feb 7 - 7:00pn Divine Liturgy
  • Feb 8- 5:30pm –Vigil Liturgy Sunday of the Prodigal Son
  • Feb 9 - 9:00am – Divine Liturgy Sunday of the Prodigal Son
  • Mystery of Forgiveness (Confession) Fr. Vasyl is available for Confession on Saturdays from 4:45 to 5:15 and Sundays from 8:15 to 8:45. If these times are not convenient for you, please make an appointment with Fr Vasyl.

    There have been 90891 visitors since Christmas 2014.


    If you are a visitor to Our Lady of Perpetual Help, we want you to know how welcome you are; whether you have come from another part of the country, from across the world, or simply from another parish. We hope you find our worship true and reverent and our people here friendly and cordial. If you are seeking a spiritual home, we would be honored by your presence in our family. For more information about becoming a parishioner, please see me.

    Fr. Vasyl

    Rev. Fr. Yuriy Oros, Administrator

    Should you have any additional pastoral needs, concerns, sick calls, funerals, liturgy intentions, etc. please call me at (908) 381-2764 or email me at yuriyorosit@gmail.com

     Please leave a message if I am not available and I will respond as soon as possible. 

    Fr. Yuriy

    The Sunday of the Publican and the Pharisee

    The Sunday of the Publican and the Pharisee is the first Sunday of a three-week period prior to the commencement of Great Lent. It marks the beginning of a time of preparation for the spiritual journey of Lent, a time for Orthodox Christians to draw closer to God through worship, prayer, fasting, and acts of charity. It is also on this day that the Triodion is introduced, a liturgical book that contains the services from this Sunday, the tenth before Pascha (Easter), to Great and Holy Saturday. To read more about it Click here or play the audio below.

    The Feat of the Encounter (Presentation)

    The Feast of the Encounter of our Lord is celebrated forty days after Christmas on February 2. The event which the Church commemorates on this feast is described in the Gospel of St. Luke (2:22-28). From the words of this Gospel and of the Liturgical texts pertaining to the feast, we can identify a threefold character in it; the purification of Mary, the dedication of Jesus as the first-born son, and the meeting with Simeon and the prophetess, Anna. To read more about it Click here or play the audio below.

    All Souls Saturdays

    The first of the five All Souls Saturday is February 15th. A quick reminder inviting those who have yet to do so to submit the names of their loved ones they wish to be remembered in the Hramoty during the upcoming All Souls Saturday. The requests may be deposited in the collection baskets.

    One of the most venerable traditions in the Church, equally observed in the West as in the East, is the commemoration of the departed in our liturgical prayers. It is the constant teaching of the Church since Apostolic times that the departed can be helped by our prayers, offerings and good deeds. To read more about it Click here or play the audio below.

    House Blessings

    As you know, it is our tradition to have our homes blessed after the feast of Theophany on January 6. If you wish to have Fr. Vasyl come and bless your home, Please provide your name, address and the best time to bless your house on a piece of paper and drop it in the collection basket or give it to Fr. Vasyl. Fr. Vasyl will contact you to arrange your house blessing.

    “Fashengy!" - February 16, 2020

    A joint celebration with the Parishes of Our Lady of Perpetual Help (Levittown), St. Nicholas (Roebling), Assumption of the Virgin Mary (Trenton), Sunday,

    February 16, 2020, after Divine Liturgy at Assumption of the Virgin Mary(Trenton). Divine Liturgy at 10:00 AM. A Fun-Filled fantastic celebration to prepare us for the Great Fast.

    MENU for Fashengy: Stuffed cabbage Noodles and cabbage
    Pierogi Sauerkraut with kielbasa, Dessert
    Tickets for Fashengy: Adults - $20; Children under 18 – Free.
    Followed by Food! Music! Dancing!


    ….  If you see someone in church that you do not know – stop and say hello and welcome them to OLPH.  Your friendly greeting will help them to decide to make OLPH their spiritual home.  Make sure you introduce newcomers to Fr. Vasyl.  Don’t be shy!

    Church Contribution Statements

    Contribution statements will be available by the end of January. If you wish to receive a copy of your statement, please fill out the form below and drop it off in the collection basket. As self addressed stamped envelope would be appreciated, but not required.

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